Diversity Matters Event- 18th April- 23rd April (UAL)

I’m really happy that my hand written poem called ‘Be together as one’    got accepted to be part of the diversity matters event at UAL (LCF campus). This is my poem

Be together as one


Working together as one ,


Being together as one,


Being equality and sincere towards one another,


Speak your mind,


Speak your voice,


Let the world hear what you have to say


Achieve your goals and keep on going for all eternity


Show your talent and believe whom you are,


Don’t be afraid, be open


You’ll get to your destination in the end


Journeys and Journeys


Rivers and Rivers


Time and Patience


Fun and laughter


Diversity comes into place


Full of wonder and joy


Full of collaborate societies


Full of new stories and new discovery


Discovery leading to adventure, leading to something more original


What is original to you?


To me it can be shown in a variety of ways


Bring the power of painting


Bring the power of artistic qualities


Bring the power of music


Bring the power of dance


Bring the power of sport


Bring the power of belief


Bring the power of happiness


Bring the power of hope and eternal joy


This is what diversity is


Diversity in this world of new discoveries


Keep exploring


Keep being experimental


Keep on being ambitious


Keep on trying out new things


Let the world see you as you



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