Performing for the camera-Tate Modern

I went to visit the exhibition performing for the camera at the Tate Modern on Easter Sunday. I throughly enjoyed the exhibition because I enjoyed looking at the relationship between photography and performance and looking at how the artists, performers and dancers respond to the idea of performing for the camera. When looking through the different approaches that the artists and photographers used it was great seeing how some of the photographs were controlled or spontaneous and random. It was great looking at how some of the artists used their bodies as a piece of artwork within the idea of performance. The use of self-exposure, self-consciousness and self- existence has worked cleverly within the use of how the camera is angled, the discussions that were made before creating the piece and seeing what the final outcome would be. I love how open-minded the works are within the exhibition. Furthermore some of the photographs were absurd, unusual and unreal which allows the viewer to study the exhibition deeper.


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