Publication drafts from Offsite Show

We have currently been working on our publication from the offsite show. We all decided to work on a range of drafts to see which one would work better and would like more professional. Me, Lisa, Alisha and Alex have been putting our heads together to see what images and what we would like to write about our work within our publication. We decided to come up with this first draft which involved using different types of materials and seeing if it would work within our publication. These are some of the images of the outcomes that came out.

However we decided that if we want to make it professional we decided that we would create a much simpler version to make sure the audience understand exactly what we were saying. So we decided to use the images we wanted to add and make sure everything flowed nicely with each other. So we have decided to create our publication using this format and me, Alex, Alisha and Lisa discussed this throughly on Thursday 5th of May 2016. We are quite excited about what the outcome will be. Here are some images of the structure of our publication.



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