More Developing Work

Currently I have been working on new pieces of art work to represent my personal experiences, emotions, feelings and thoughts relating to my epileptic condition. I’ve decided to knit a massive blanket using a range of different colours to represent my feelings and emotions such as, depression, hurt, pain, isolation, sadness, stuck, positivity etc. This blanket has allowed me to break the boundaries and go for anything that comes to my mind. I have also decided to use pieces of cut fabrics from fabrics and stitch words from my hand written poems as an idea of speaking out and the audience listening to what I have to say.

I have also chosen to create flowers using a range of different colours this is to represent the types of processes I go through before having an epileptic fit and the way the seizure emerges within my body. I have come up for the idea of having the blanket on the floor and the flowers hanging on the ceiling and the curtain pieces attached from the wall to the floor so that the audience can have a sense of how my complex partial seizures takes many forms. This forms involve absent seizures when I just stare into space and become completely rigid, the other ones involve when I’m jerking on the floor and I become more and more isolated and rigid.

These types of seizures suck out all of my energy so I have chosen to use these colours to show how my energy dies down after having an epileptic fit. I have chosen to try out these different processes and methods because I’m very inspired by artists such as Georgia O’keeffe and  Ana Mendieta because they use naturalistic forms of how they see nature either focusing on flowers or plants and involving the human body. By looking at these two artists it has allowed me to show how my body changes form when it is put into an instant stand still when an epileptic fit happens. What I also like about these artists is that they do not make their work complicated, they use simplistic techniques and show a sense of authenticity within the pieces of work they create. So in response to these two artists work I have decided to make myself more engaged within the pieces and breaking my nervous and shy factors and basically just letting myself go and not caring about what other think.

Here are some current examples of my recent types of work that I have chosen to create due to being inspired by these two artists in particular


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