Working with Artist Aaron Angell at Hoxton Gardens Community Garden

Recently we have changed studios from the Rose Lipman Building to the Hoxton Community Gardens which is quite beautiful there. We have been working on new ceramic pieces which involves using the Racquel technique and it has been going really well lately. Firstly we looked at images to see what we wanted to create and we chose to make a response to the images we had seen. It was quite a sunny day whilst creating these pieces. Secondly we used the clay and we had to make sure that it was hollow for the firing that was going to take place. I chose to not make my piece complicated because it would take me slightly longer to make and I didn’t want to get stressed out about it. Working with other members of the ceramic workshop group for 16-22 year olds we decided to make our works quite diverse so that we could see in what ways they were related to each other and how they could represent a collaborative piece. After we had finished making the piece we left them in the greenhouse to get hard and then on May 13th we are going to do the firing to see what the outcomes of our pieces would be.

To me by going to these ceramic workshops outside of UAL it has allowed me to try a range of new and different techniques in response to other areas of art that I am also interested in. I have definitely been inspired by artist Aaron Angell because I love the way he creates his ceramic pieces and does not make it complicating and I really enjoy the way he engages himself within his pieces and creates a very pleasing outcome. He has inspired me to continue to work with the idea of ceramics and seeing what other techniques I could use to create my pieces and how I could engage myself more within the pieces I create. Sometimes when I am creating new ceramic pieces it allows me to question myself. This involves me asking myself questions such as,

  • How could I free myself within these ceramic pieces i’m thinking of creating?
  • How could I represent the ideas of epilepsy within my art practice?
  • In what ways could I develop my art practice using the idea of ceramic?
  • Which other artists would I like to look into whilst experimenting with ceramics?
  • In what ways would I like to create ceramic pieces around London and how would I like to create them?
  • Do I want to engage myself within the environment using the idea of ceramics?
  • How has my change of environment (working outside of the studio) developed my art practice?
  • Do I have to like my work or not?

Here are some of the current pieces Me and other members of the group have created whilst going to the ceramic workshops which I have been doing for 5 solid weeks. It has been a very fun experience so far.


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