Video from the offsite show- ‘The conscious realm of the unconscious’

Me, Alisha, Alex and Lisa for the exhibition we created, we chose to create a video that would represent all of our altar ego’s and the mental conditions we have which are depression, epilepsy, aspergers and dreams and fantastic through the conscious and unconscious mind-set. We decided to dress all in white with our faces painted white because we wanted to create a serious feel of how our mental health conditions affects us. We decided to have a paint fight because we wanted to create a playful scene and showing how we can have fun, even though we have mental health conditions, we tried to see the best in things within our lives and within our art practices. We decided to make the setting white and everything white to create a sense of blankness to represent the way our minds become an instant stand still whilst we are looking at how we are both within the conscious and unconscious mind set.

To me artists I have been looking into that also relates to performance which I am very interested in is, Alexander Yakovlev. I throughly enjoy how he uses the idea of movement, performance and naturalistic surfaces both within rural and urban areas to have an idea of how the mind changes when placed in different environments. The way the photographer has used these themes within his work shows how he wants to create the sense of interaction between the body and the mind and seeing how they correspond to one another when placed in different environments. By the artist displaying a range of dancers within his photographic scenes I find it quite engaging because of the beauty and elegant vibes it creates and I love looking at the experimentation he has presented within the pieces he has created.

Here are some of the photos from the artist


Here are some of the images from our paint scene- With Alisha, Alex and Lisa



Here is the video from our video/ performance piece


Here are some of the film stills from the video


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