More artists I have been looking into

i’ve currently been looking into more artists that are relate to my practice and that I am throughly interested in. These artists involve Nick Knight, Hennie Haworth and Andrew Phillips. The way these artists use the idea of movement, authenticity, passion, dedication and influence many young artists has influence me to improve my practice and become more of a risk taker. The reason why I was mainly looking into these artists is because I’m trying to communicate my art practice into my theme of mental health and seeing how I could create the sense of movement within my work. Furthermore by looking at these artists it has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and seeing what other opportunities are out there and seeing in what ways I could promote myself within the art industry and basically be willing to try out new and exciting things.

Within the current work I am doing for my art practice where I am trying to focus on opening myself up more because I tend to get quite nervous when explaining about my mental health condition and it can get quite upsetting. Looking through these artists it has allowed me to speak my own voice within the art pieces i’m currently creating. Within the works i’m doing i’m trying to make it easier for the audience to understand what I am going through and not making the piece to complicated to understand. By looking at these artists it has allowed me to see in what other ways I can expose my thoughts and feelings towards the audience and seeing in what way they will respond to my practice.

Here are some examples of Nick Knight’s work

Here are some examples of Andrew Phillips work


Here’s some examples of Hennie Haworth work/ art practice


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