Techniques from the ceramics workshop in Hoxton

On May 13th 2016 we decided to try out the racquel technique working with Aaron Angell which was really fun. We decided to take the ceramic pieces we created a week ago and took them out of the greenhouse. We started setting up the pieces in different positions whilst we were getting the preparation ready for the racquel technique. We made sure that there were holes in a line on each side of the bin so that the smoke could come out. We made sure we used different mixtures to cover the pieces which included copper oxide, cracked effects etc and covered the pieces. We used the technique of our ceramic pieces being smoked fired and we layered hay on top of each layer as the ceramic pieces were being layered step by step.

We then made sure that each layer was layered properly and we put banana skins and newspaper. At the top where the news paper was placed we used a lighter to start the process. It was quite an interesting experience to watch. On that same day it was great going to see the Museum of London Archives, it was lovely being shown around and seeing things all the way from the medieval period to now. I found the ceramics quite interesting because it was fantastic looking at the elegantly resemble this pieces had when looking at them behind the glass. It was a very fun-filled day and since i’ve been doing this workshop for about 6 weeks now it has definitely encouraged me to try out more ways of how to express my art practice which is mainly based on my mental health condition and revealing my personal experiences within my pieces I intend to make.

Here are some photos and of the smoke fired technique we did.



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