Smoke fired piece- created at the ceramic workshop

Today at the ceramics workshop the experience was amazing, I loved the outcome of my piece because I loved trying out a range of different techniques to create a range of different types of ceramic pieces such as creating abstract pieces, realistic pieces etc. I decided to get this piece because I wanted to show how I feel rigid due to the fact that when I have a sight I feel that I’m suck in one position. By showing the colours on the ceramic piece which is black and dark brown represents the idea of isolated, pain, war, imprisonment, sadness and low confidence and self-esteem. By trying on this technique which involves mainly smoke firing I throughly enjoy it because I love trying out something creating very different and has allowed me to develop my art practice even better.

I have chosen to move my piece in different parts both inside and outdoors and see how the move of the places affects the piece and in what ways can the piece  be interpreted. I love being inspired by Aaron Angell because he has inspired me to try out a range of different techniques within the idea of ceramics. This involves making hollow parts of the piece we are making within the techniques of smoke fired and making sure that the piece we make does not crack or explode. Furthermore have been creating a range of individual pieces and having them fired in an electric kiln and applying the glazes in what ever ways we wanted and seeing what the outcomes of the pieces would be. Aaron Angell is one of my friends artists and his work is relevant to one of the areas of art I am interested in which is creating a range of ceramic pieces to represent my epileptic condition through the conscious and unconscious mind set and revealing my thoughts and emotions about my condition. Furthermore when I’m making my ceramic pieces it allows me to free more relaxed and less stressed and prevents me from having to many epileptic fits.

Here are some photos of my finished pieces


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