‘Dirty Fingers’- Dark sugars exhibition

I have currently been offered to take part in an exhibition taking place at the Dark Sugars shop in Brick Lane. The event will be taking place on the 16th of June and the opening night on the 16th of June will be taking place for 6pm and the closing event will be taking place on the 30th of June at 6pm. I will be working with 6 other UAL students and to me this event will be very exciting and fun and we can be as experimental as we want. We have all checked out the space and made sure that what ever work we intend to make will fit that space meaning we need to make sure that our work fits the scale of the space. Rebecca Derine  (UAL student- currently studying curating) has organised this amazing opportunity. I feel that by taking part in this amazing opportunity it will allow me to build up my self-esteem, self-confidence and become less reserved and quiet. Rebecca explained to us what exactly is going to happen, what she expects from us and basically become as experimental as we want.

Email for Rebecca Derine

Dates are confirmed: 16th June – 30th July. We decided for the 16th because it will be a Thursday, and on Thursdays lots of exhibitions open and people “tour”, hopefully.
– Last exhibition sold 40% of works, one of them to an art collector. You will have a first rate public.
– We will have two events for opening and closing (for graphic works, if you want to sell prints during the events, you’re welcome, but please let me know), so please bring along everyone you know
– Deadline to handover artworks is on 10th June. All works on paper are required to be framed, it’s easier to carry around and also to sell. On the day, I will also give you a contract to sign: if you have any requirements, like reproduction or reselling of your work, please let me know.
– The space is Dark Sugars chocolate shop in Brick Lane, go and visit it if you have time, you will like it! The gallery doesn’t charge us for the rent, but they will require 30% of any eventual purchases, so please consider it when you price the items.
– You will have a catalogue, and professional photos of the hanging to put in your portfolio.
– There will be six of you, each artist is specialized in a different artistic production, so you will have no “competition”.
Please ask me for any kind of questions. I hope to see you soon to discuss your ideas!
I can’t wait to see what the outcome of the exhibition will be, people coming to the event and basically engaging with the audience and being asked questions. I have been throughly inspired by Nick Elphick- who is a sculptor artist who uses chocolate as the medium and creates accurate sculptures. To me I feel he is relevant towards my work because I love trying out a range of different mediums and seeing what the outcome would be and I always love challenging myself and becoming a risk taker. I feel that working with the medium of using chocolate will allow me to free myself up and seeing what other opportunities, methods and processes I could create in response to making my idea of mental health more playful rather than making it depressing.
Here are some example of Nick Elphick’s work
Here are some images of the Dark Sugars space in Brick Lane

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