Helping out in the instalment of the end of year show

On Wednesday 18th of May I chose to come into cg02 to help out with the installation of the show by making sure areas were painted well and having meetings with other students who were also taking part in the same space I was working in. By having these meetings it allowed us to communicate with one another, seeing exactly what spaces we wanted and having an idea of how we would like to hang our work within the space we were given. I helped out Lisa Holly Nkwo (BA fine art student- 2nd year) into giving her a helping hand on painting her boxes that she would like to show within the end of year show. Her work mainly focuses on the idea of how people deal with their mental health conditions and how it affects them. It was quite fun helping her within the working progress of her work trying to reduce her stress and communicating into how she wanted her boxes to look like.  We had a laugh and a chat whilst we were working on painting the boxes and she made sure that I was alright. At one point she could see that I was feeling tired due to my epileptic condition and thanked me for my help and was very grateful and happy with the outcome of her painted boxes.

These are some of the images of the outcomes of her painted boxes


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