Inspiration on the idea of Body paint

Currently I have been watching Phillip Phillips music video called ‘Raging Fire’. I love the concept of the story within the video, the way he uses his body as part of the message he is trying to explain towards his targeted audience. The way that a variety of different professional artist create a collaborative project using him as the centre piece, the outcome of the piece is quite memorising, breath-taking and spectacular. Also the different surroundings that he is placed in, I can see how each part of the video works well with one another. This is due to the fact of the speed of the video and how each part of the set blends well. I find the music with the video quite pleasing, this is because the vibe used in the video instantly grabs my attention. When I look through the video, I find it quite open-minded and fun because of the vibrate way the video is shown. The transformations of the settings and the different colours of paint used within the video is quite striking. Different artistic techniques are used within the video such as, splashing of the paint, different brush strokes, rolling of paint and the delicacy of the outcome of the piece.

The way the instruments are played such as the guitar, drums, orchestra music has allowed the video to show a range of different methods, opportunities, techniques and processes. In the video I love the way of the collaboration between film, painting and music have been used and how they work well with one another. I would definitely say that this video has inspired me a lot into the idea of adapting more to the human body and see what other processes and techniques I could use to develop my ideas further. Lastly I love the way how the video makes me feel warm and comfortable inside due to the idea of the upbeat vibes the video has. It is definitely a very powerful piece that the music artist has used. Within both videos- ‘raging fire and unpack your heart’ I love how the musical vibes is very uplighting and enjoyable because of the way the vibes bounce well with each other. By looking through both videos it has allowed me to look more into other areas of art such as, film, illustration, writer, special effects etc. Here are the videos- enjoy!!!×599.jpg?787959






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